Web Application Penetration Testing

Sometimes, organizations or online businesses fail to protect their web security architecture, hence they get exposed to various threats and vulnerabilities. Unfortunately, these threats can lead to various destructive outcomes such as data breaches, XSS attacks, leaking out credentials’ details, etc.

As per OWASP Top 10 report for web applications security the most harmful and destructive web threats include cross-site-scripting(XSS), SQL injections, XML External Entities (XXE), Broken Access Control, etc. Hackers are exploiting these vulnerabilities to steal sensitive information and files from web applications.

Benefits Of Web Penetration Testing

Why a Web Penetration Testing required by your organization?

Due to the increasing demand and popularity of web applications among various online enterprises they can be easily exposed to various cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities. Despite using various security strategies being applied by the enterprise to secure their web applications, they fail to protect them. 

Web Application Pentesting can be determined as a type of invigorating cyber-attack knowingly performed by cyber experts using various security tools and assessment techniques against your system or architecture to uncover & explore various security gaps and threats. 

It also helps in identifying missing security practices that should be implemented to make your web application more secure. The process of penetration testing is the most efficient approach to preserve your organization from becoming a vector among hackers.

Tridentsec Web Penetration Testing Methodology

Tridentsec has adopted the best industry standards for testing – like OWASP & also techniques and methodologies we have developed based on our own experiences. Our penetration testing experts have manual and automated penetration testing procedures to discover the vulnerabilities and security misconfigurations in your web application.

We conduct authenticated and unauthenticated testing including horizontal and vertical access control testing, plus Network and Host Configuration testing of the web server.

After all assessments are done, we will provide you an evaluated report including vulnerabilities, potential risks & security misconfiguration, and effective remediation while assuring to secure the web application and preventing any future threats to occur.

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