OSINT & Social Engineering

Since Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Platform is a public platform for businesses to use published resources, Dark Web hackers target it for social engineering and phishing attacks, mostly to gather user credential information like email addresses, passwords, phone numbers, etc.

Social Engineering Life- Cycle

How hackers use OSINT for Social Engineering and Phishing attacks?

OSINT (open-source intelligence) is rapidly becoming a strategy for hackers to target various organizations and companies for social engineering and phishing attacks. There are various open-source channels used by cyber attackers to obtain the data.

Hackers can use information like an organization’s email & mobile numbers for various social engineering elements or vectors such as phishing emails or smishing to target an organization and its employees. The main goal of a Social Engineering or Phishing attack is to obtain the credential information of an organization which can be used easily to gain control of the network or application.

How TridentSec cybersecurity services help you with OSINT?

If you are looking for the most systematic and effective network penetration testing so that your organization will become resistant to all types of network vulnerabilities and threats, then Tridentsec is offering you remarkable network penetration testing services to obtain overall security through your network.

Our highly experienced team of cyber experts develops a mindset like a hacker and will implement real-life attacks by using controlled exploits.

Tridentsec not only checks for vulnerabilities in your network we also make sure that you are not already compromised and that any backdoor is installed in your network by any hacker.

”There are two types of companies: those that have
been hacked, and those who don’t yet know they
have been hacked”

Former CISCO CEO John Chambers

We believe to take on a step-by-step process from enumerating your network about the loopholes or security issues then performing the process to explore all the threats and finally providing the most appropriate solution for the security of your enterprise.

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